Labor Day Weekend – Wedding in Sedona, Arizona

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Sedona Arizona

The view from the wedding resort in Sedona

So, as I stated in the beginning of my last blogpost, I was in Sedona, Arizona this past weekend for a family friend’s wedding. It was a family trip, which was nice because the 5 of us don’t get to do that too much these days. My parents and both my brothers started their journey on Thursday morning and drove all the way to Sedona. I couldn’t take those 2 days off from work, so I flew in Saturday morning to Flagstaff airport and then caught a shuttle to Sedona. The hour long drive from Flagstaff to Sedona was quite the scenic one. We zigzagged all the way down the Oak Creek Canyon.

To give a little background on why we were in Arizona, my dad’s childhood friend from Pakistan lives in Kingman with his family. His daughter was getting married. When we were younger, our families, along with another family from Madera (near Fresno) would go on yearly vacations together. Whether it be the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, or San Francisco, we always had a great time. As we got older and went off to college, unfortunately, those trips stopped happening. So it was definitely nice to see people I had grown up with after 10 or so years. We reminisced on the good old days and all the stupid things we used to do.

Mirza Brothers

Osman, Myself, and Haaris, enjoying Sedona

As for the wedding itself, the mehndi was on Saturday night and the reception was on Sunday night. It was held at the Enchantment Resort. We literally had to drive 20 miles into the middle of nowhere to get there, but once we did, it was extremely nice. Also, did I mention that Sedona must have something against AT&T? Absolutely no reception anywhere, but if you had Verizon, you were good to go. Good thing, I don’t live in Arizona. My brothers, Osman and Haaris, performed a dance at the mehndi, which everybody loved. There were a few Bhangra Empire sequences in the routine. The DJ’s immediately asked them if they were on Bhangra Empire. The team had performed in Phoenix for a wedding reception a few months ago and these same DJs were at that wedding and recognized parts of the routine. It always amazes me when people know about Bhangra Empire in places you would not expect. Both events were organized extremely well and were, surprisingly, punctual. Most of us who have been to desi weddings in the past know that 7PM really means 9PM. However, the mehndi and reception, both started at the exact time that was given on the card.

Mirza Family

The Mirza Family with the Bride and Groom

After the reception ended on Sunday night, we headed back to the hotel, packed up, and started on our 13 hour drive back to Danville. We left at around 1AM and made it back at 2:30PM. We had to get back as early as possible because my parents are having the kitchen redone so we had to make sure everything was going according to schedule. All in all, it was an extremely tiring vacation but well worth it. Congratulations to Juvaria and Khurram and thanks for having us.