Bhangra Empire Facebook Page Upgrades to Timeline

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FacebookTimelineFor everybody that is on Facebook, within the last couple of months, most users were introduced to Timeline. In other words, Facebook was once again changing the structure of a person’s profile page. Usually these changes come with a bunch of negativity (even if there are added features). Why? Well, let’s face it, people do not like change. Most people get angry because they have to learn something new. They are used to logging in everyday and seeing things a certain way. And it takes time to get used to something new. You see Facebook posts from users months after the change, still ‘wishing they had their old Facebook page.’ I upgraded to Timeline back in October. There was no button that said ‘switch to Timeline’ like there is now, but there was a backdoor hack that enabled it. At first, I had the same reaction. I liked the concept of Timeline, but didn’t like how the posts wouldn’t line up next to each other. I was talking to KJ about it, and he said they can’t line up because it’s a timeline. I still didn’t get it. I responded with, “that’s great, I know it’s a timeline but what does that have to do with lining up the posts to make it look less scattered?” He then explained to me that it is supposed to be an actual timeline. Meaning that line down the middle is supposed to represent a visual timeline, and the posts could not line up because then the events would not be occurring chronologically. And then I understood that I was an idiot.

On a more serious note, you might be thinking, why am I blogging about something that happened back in October of last year? And timelines have been out for a couple of months now, so why bring it up now? Well, more recently, Facebook brought the timeline feature to Facebook Brand/Fan Pages. Now this made sense. Being able to fill in past events, adding a cover photo, and other new features would be really helpful to any Facebook Page. So with Puneet’s help, I started updating the Facebook Page and filling in past events (or milestones as Facebook likes to call it). Okay, I lied, I only filled in the State Dinner event at the White House in November of 2009. She did all the rest. But I did make the cover photo with my limited photoshop skills. Check it out below:


We decided it use the cover photo area to help promote our performance at the Warriors game on April 12th. Anyways, if you haven’t done so, check out our Facebook Page¬†and feel free to do a little browsing to check out some highlights over the years. It goes all the way back to January of 2006, when the team formed. Most of the major events have been updated but we will be filling in some more bits and pieces shortly.